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park street dentist weymouth dorset
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The microscope - excellence in practice




        At Park Street Dental Practice, Dr Diana Dumitriu uses a exclusively microscope for root canal treatment.

The microscope and the skill to use it are great assets for the practice of endodontics.

The microscope has been used in surgery for many decades. In the past 20 years the microscope has been introduced in dentistry too, with particular emphasis in endodontics (root canal treatment).

Today the world’s leading practicing dentists and researchers are in agreement that the dental microscope contributes tremendously to the success of root canal treatment.

      Due to coaxial illumination and magnification (up to 20 times) the microscope enables the dentist to see important internal anatomical features .The human naked eye perceived details of 200 microns while magnification with microscope makes visible details of 10 microns. Just for comparison, the tip of dental probe measures 40microns and often the root canal orifices initially have a diameter of 20microns.

The microscope helps in:

  • Diagnosis- often fine fracture (cracks) are not visible with the naked eye
  • Canals that are difficult to localize: some canals may be splitting while often there may be additional abnormal canals
  • Obliterations and calcifications occur in many cases and prevent canal cleaning , shaping and filling, unless they are efficiently spotted and removed
  • Open apex: if the tip of the root is unusually large visualization aids the root filling
  • Perforation repair and removal of separated instruments: broken files in the canals or canal wall perforations can only be visualized with the microscope.