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Est. 1912

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 Park Street Dental Practice in Weymouth Dorset offer DPAS dental scheme

DPAS care plan is a pay monthly scheme.

Ask a member of staff for more details on how to join.

Adults Dental Care Plan

You are eligible to join the dental care plan if you had an examination
and you do not have any treatment outstanding, in other words , if you are dentally fit.
Open the brochure to find details about the plan!




You've chosen the right dentist.

Your needs will always  be the first priority. The treatment plan will be formulated with your best interest in mind.

There will always be a treatment taylor made to suit your needs.

All the options will be presented and discussed .

You are guaranteed to get the best treatment available at the best price possible.

Treatment                       Pay fee per item                                                


Initial consultation

new patient (includes 2 xrays)           £93                                                                                 

Routine consultation                          £50                                                                            


Routine scale and polish                    £50                                                                               

Light scale and polish

(reduced number of teeth)                £30     


Amalgam (silver) fillings                  £117 to £188                                                         

White (resin) fillings                        £123 to £265 


Crowns                                           £575                                                       

Bridges                               Number of teethX£575     


Planned extraction                            £150                                                                              

Emergency extraction                       £200                                              

Surgical extraction                            £350 


Root canal treatment incisor,canine   £437                                                

Root canal re-treatment

incisor,canine                                  £513                                              

Root canal treatment premolar         £513                                               

Root canal re-treatment premolar    £583                                                 

Root canal treatment molar              £583                                              

Root canal re-treatment molar          £636 



Dentures full archesX2                     £1219                                             

Dentures full 1 Arch                         £650                                                                                            

Chrome dentures                            £1484 


Casual patient emergency

appointment during surgery hours    £100           


MEMBERS OF MAINTENANCE DENTAL PLANS have  15%  and 20%  discount while members of full care plan only pay lab fees where applicable. Please ask a memeber a staff for more details.                            


DPAS is a monthly payment scheme that allows you to budget the cost of your dental treatment and prevention routine.

This information has been updated 01/01/2024


Preventative care, check-up at least once a year

You should come for a check-up at least once a year to make sure that you are looking after your teeth and gums properly and to have their condition checked. If you have sensitive teeth or gingivitis, it would be a good idea to have a check-up every six months.


Our tip: ask for our advice and make your next appointment at the end of each visit.

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