Est. 1912
Est. 1912

Emergency dental services



Park Street Dental Practice in Weymouth is a friendly

affordable family private dentist.

Every week day there are emergencies slots reserved .

Registered patients take priority but new patients are welcomed as well .

Emergency appointments are offered on the day.

Please call : 01305783961




For emergencies outside our normal opening hours, if you are a member of care or maintenance plan (DPAS) please call the number on your membership card.



Alternatively you could call the out of hours private emergency number: 07956633221 (only if you are already a registered patient at the practice)



If you have toothache and are waiting for an apointment, the best thing you can do to ease the pain is to take antinflamatories (painkillers).

The most effective is Ibuprofen (also sold as Nurofen).You may not be able to take it if you suffer with severe asthma.

Often you may need an increased dose of Ibuprofen, 400mg. This is ussualy the equivalent of 2 tablets in one dose. It can be repeated up to 4 times a day.If you are still getting pain with 4 doses of 400mg Ibuprofen/day you can add up to 4 doses of 1000mg Paracetamol/day. Do not take codeine as it will not have any effect on toothache.

Always try to get an appointement if the pain lingers or if you notice swelling on your gums , cheecks or lips.

Do not use the same medication for children as the doses should be greatly reduced.

Do not take antibiotics as they are not effective in reducing pain.