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Park Street Dental Practice Weymouth Clinic functions with Covid-19 standard operating procedure and personal protection equipment 

in accordance with Public Hea​lth England standards.

Park Street Dental Practice provides full range of treatments.

 The practice is opened as normal during the Third Lockdown starting 05/01/2021.The Government encourages doctors and dentists to continue activity to avoid creating a backlog and maintain health.

Welcome to Park Street Dental Practice in Weymouth!

Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy smile. It looks great to those around
you and makes you feel good. That's why the team at our practice do everything
possible to make your teeth the best they can be and keep them healthy in the long term.
You can trust our services and our intuitive gentle touch.
See what we can do for you.
Park Street Dental Practice is a friendly affordable family private dentist.
We are now accepting new patients.
We offer dental care under DPAS monthly payment scheme or pay as you go .
Accept referrals for root canal treatments exclusively under the microscope
in the specially equipped endodontic suite.
If you have an emergency, please call us.
We will do our best to offer you an appointment on the day during opening hours.


Ever wondered what private dentistry has to offer?

Here is our promise :

  • best expertise:the private dentist is very skilled 
  • best materials:all proved to be the best materials available on the market
  • always acting in your best interest
  • gentle and carefull attention to details, plenty of time available
  • multiple options of treatment
  • premedication for anxious patients

About the Park Street Dental Practice

Our skilled and friendly team uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the best possible comprehensive care.

The practice is conveniently located opposite side from

Park Street Car Park, so it's easy for you to locate us.

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When do you have to pay the clinic charges? What is the best way to look after your teeth? Find out all the information you need to make your visit simple and pleasant.

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For healthy teeth that last a lifetime,

we offer a wide range of dentistry services.

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NEW !!!! Dr Pascal XPinto, Smilelign Accredited Provider and Certificate of ECPD

treatment offering by Park Street Dental Practice Weymouth Dorset UK :

Smilelign Clear Aligners Straighten your teeth with Smilelign invisible braces. Virtually invisible, removable braces, treatment with Smilelign can take as little as 12 weeks. Designed specifically for you, Smilelign moves your teeth in small stages until they have reached the final desired position. Smilelign is a clear brace system that uses innovative technology to create the smile you have always dreamed of. Smilelign allows you to straighten your teeth almost invisibly, enabling you to live, and smile, confidently. By using a series of bespoke removable aligners, Smilelign lines up your teeth to make your smile straighter. Our powerful technology plots the exact direction your teeth need to move in to achieve optimal result

New! On the Specialist Register Oral Surgery Dr Pascal X Pinto 

Take private referral for wisdom teeth removal in Weymouth Dorset.

On the Specialist Register Oral Surgery Dr Pascal X Pinto !

If you would like to have one or more dental implants to restore missing teeth

or to stabilize a denture.

For more details or to book an free assessment appointment.

Park Street Dental Practice Weymouth Dorset


At Park Street Dental Practice, Dr Diana Dumitriu MSC in Endodontics uses an exclusively microscope in the fully equipped endodontic dedicated suite. Taking referrals since 2012 for root canal treatment.


We offer DPAS dental scheme . Dental care plan is a pay monthly scheme.

Park Street Dental Practice is a friendly affordable family private dentist.

We are now accepting new patients.

If you have an emergency, please call us: 01305 783961

Our clinic functions with Covid-19 standard operating procedure and personal protection equipment in accordance with Public Health England standards.We can provide full range of treatments.

 DORSET dentists are struggling with a backlog of patients, built up over the past three months.Dental practices have been closed since the lockdown in late March and were only recently given clearance to reopen on June 8.

The three-month period of closure built up a backlog of patients whose issues were not severe enough to warrant referral to an urgent dental centre.

Dental services are reopening under strict safety guidelines to ensure the safety of both staff and patients.

The standard operating procedure was released by the Chief Dental Officer just days before reopening, so only those who had already taken the risk of ordering PPE were prepared to open on time.

Dianna Dumitriu, owner of Park Street Dental Practice in Weymouth, said: "There is a huge backlog of patients from the last three months, with all sorts of problems.

"We were unsure about when we were going to be able to reopen. It's been difficult to fit people in as we've had so many calls.

"There a lot of rules at the moment, we need to wear the protective equipment and need to make sure the rooms are thoroughly cleaned in between patients. It's all quite complicated.”

Some of the safety measures being taken include, dentists and assistants wearing a significant amount of PPE, reducing the amount of people in the premises at one time, having protective screens and testing patients’ temperature on arrival.

Mrs Dumitriu continued: "There was a lot of guesswork before opening, luckily we had already begun to prepare before we were able to reopen so we was ready quite quickly. Those of us who took a chance to stock protective equipment before we knew exactly what we needed we able to open quickly but others weren't. We weren’t given much notice.

"I've had to prioritise my own patients, unfortunately I wasn't able to accept any new patients. We have also prioritised the most urgent cases, if they were in a lot of pain we would try to see them as quickly as possible."We are trying to arrange the appointments as best we can, sometimes we even have to rearrange the day before but people have been very understanding and helpful."

Updated 21/04/2021